Work permit for foreign citizens in Ukraine - only 30 EURO

To obtain (extend) the work permit for foreign citizens in Ukraine

Registration / obtaining of a work permit for a foreign citizen - 2100 UAH.

Extension of the work permit of a foreign citizen - 1600 UAH.

Amendments to the work permit (change of passport data, names, titles of posts, etc.) - 1000 UAH.

The validity of the permit is from 6 months to 36 months.

The term for processing (renewing) a foreign citizen’s permission to work in Ukraine is from 3 days

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Required documents:

  • To apply for a work permit:
  1. Picture 3.5 X 4.5 in colour
  2. Copy of the passport of a foreign citizen.
  • For registration of the extension of the work permit:
  1. Picture 3.5 X 4.5 in colour
  2. Copy of the passport of a foreign citizen.
  3. Original work permit.

Categories of foreign nationals who do not need to obtain a work permit >>>>>>>

We provide a full range of services from the registration of a company in Ukraine to obtaining a work permit and further obtaining a residence permit (legalization of foreigners in Ukraine).
1. Registration of the company (enterprise, LLC) in Ukraine More details >>>>>>
2. Obtaining a work permit (valid from 12 to 36 months).
3. Obtaining a visa D at the consulate of Ukraine (citizens of the CIS and Georgia do not need a "D" visa) and entry to Ukraine.
4. Obtaining a temporary residence permit More details >>>>>
5. Registration at the place of residence (residence permit).


The list of legal services for obtaining / renewing a work permit includes:

  1. Legal advice on the procedure for obtaining a work permit for foreign citizens in Ukraine.
  2. Legal examination of the documents that must be submitted for processing a work permit for foreigners.
  3. Preparation of the necessary package of documents for submission to the State Employment Service;
  4. Preparation of an application for the (renewal) of a work permit.
  5. Representation of the employer's interests in obtaining a work permit in Ukraine in the State Employment Service.
  6. Develop a draft employment contract with a foreigner.
  7. Obtaining permission at the State Employment Service.


Additional costs (optional):

Service Cost in (UAH)

Official tax fee for issuing a work permit for a foreigner in Ukraine for 6 months 


Official tax fee for issuing a work permit for a foreigner in Ukraine for 12 months  7048
Official tax fee for issuing a work permit for a foreigner in Ukraine for 12 months  10572

Translation of the passport + notarization

Submission of a copy of the contract with a foreigner to the employment centre within a period of up to 90 days from the issuance date of a work permit 400
Development of a non-standard employment contract from 500


 On September 27, a new procedure for obtaining / issuing / extending a work permit (Law No. 2058-VIII of May 23, 2017) entered force.

Positive moments of the changed procedure

  1. Now there is no need to provide documents on education, certificates on the absence of a criminal record, a certificate of absence of the need for admission to state secrets, or proof that there are no specialists in the same field on the territory of Ukraine (to fill out and submit Form No. 3-PN).
  2. For some categories of foreigners (IT professionals, founders, employees of creative professions, etc.), it is possible to obtain / extend a work permit for up to 3 years (earlier it was no more than a year).
  3. Under the new order, the employment of foreign citizens is permitted not only to work in legal entities, but also to work for individual entrepreneurs.
  4. It is allowed to obtain a work permit for any number of employers and any number of positions (previously only one employer and one post).
  5. A procedure has been introduced to suspend consideration of an application for obtainment/ extension of employment permits: if earlier, if there were any reason, the employment center refused to issue / extend the permit, now when the application is pending, the applicant is given the opportunity to correct the documents submitted for 7 (for receiving) or 3 (for prolongation) business days.
  6. In some cases, it is possible to not need to obtain a work permit for foreigners who have already received it before.

What has worsened:

  1. The basis for issuing a work permit is the need to pay a minimum wage to a foreigner of at least UAH 37,230 (10 minimum salaries), except for certain categories of specialists (IT specialists, founders, employees of creative professions, etc.) although there are ways to get around this requirement.
  2. The Centre for Employment has the right to revoke the work permit if it establishes the termination of the employment contract.
  3. The Employment Centre has the right to cancel a work permit when establishing the fact of using labour on other terms than indicated in the work permit (including part-time work without obtaining a new work permit).
  4. If in the past when the work permit was extended, the official fee was not charged, but now it is levied in the amount established for the issuance of a new work permit. 

Employment without work permits for:
1) foreigners who permanently reside in Ukraine (have a permanent, unlimited residence permit);
2) foreigners who have obtained refugee status in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine or have received permission to immigrate to Ukraine;
3) foreigners who are recognized as persons who require additional protection, or who are granted temporary protection in Ukraine;
4) representatives of foreign maritime (river) fleet and airlines serving such companies on the territory of Ukraine;
5) employees of foreign mass media accredited for work in Ukraine;
6) athletes who have received professional status, artists and art workers for work in Ukraine in the specialty;
7) employees of rescue services for urgent work;
8) employees of foreign missions registered in Ukraine in the manner prescribed by the law;
9) priests who are foreigners and temporarily reside in Ukraine at the invitation of religious organizations to carry out canonical activity only in such organizations with official agreement with the Department for Religious and Ethnic Affairs;
10) foreigners who arrived in Ukraine to participate in the implementation of international technical assistance projects;
11) foreigners who have arrived in Ukraine to conduct teaching and / or scientific activities in higher education institutions at their invitation;

Frequently asked Questions:

Question: Is the work permit the basis for obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine?
Answer: The work permit is one of the few and the simplest reasons for obtaining a temporary residence permit in Ukraine. Details on obtaining a temporary residence permit in Ukraine >>>>>>

Question: What is the easiest way to get a work permit?
Answer: The easiest way to obtain a work permit is to obtain a work permit for a foreigner who is also the founder (shareholder) of the enterprise. In addition, a simplified and preferential order exists for IT professionals.

If I get a work permit in Ukraine, can I work in any organization?
Answer: No. A work permit is issued for a specific position in a particular enterprise (LLC, JSC). In another position and / or at another enterprise, you will not be able to work until you receive a new work permit in Ukraine.
For example: if we get permission for you to work for Coca Cola as a programmer, you can not work with McDonald's as a programmer with this permission. To work in the company McDonald's you need to get a new work permit. However, it is possible to obtain an unlimited number of work permits: for different positions and in different LLC enterprises.

Question: Can a foreigner open (register) a new company LLC, being simultaneously a founder (participant) and a director, and after registration get a work permit?
Answer: No. You should open (register) a new company (LLC) and, before registration, appoint a director that is a citizen of Ukraine. After registration, you will be able to apply for a permit to work for the founder of the position of director or his deputy. After obtaining a work permit, it is necessary to amend the state register on the appointment of a new director >>>>>>.

Question: If I get a work permit, can I stay on the territory of Ukraine for more than 90 days?
Answer: No. In order for you to have the right to stay on the territory of Ukraine for a period of more than 90 days, you should apply for a temporary residence permit. Our company helps with this service.

Question: I got a work permit, now the company in which I work should pay me a minimum of UAH 37,230 (10 minimum wages). If I will be paid officially less, it is something that threatens me?
Answer: If the Employment Center receives information that the salary you actually receive is less than the salary that was specified when obtaining a work permit, the work permit will be revoked.
Judging by the statistics, posted on the site of the employment centre in Kiev, the cancellation of work permits for this reason is quite frequent. Do not forget that the cancellation of the work permit leads to automatic cancellation of the temporary residence permit, which was issued on the basis of a work permit.

Any questions?. You can ask them on this page, and our lawyers will respond to you shortly.


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# Desmond 14.04.2018 11:35
Hello, I am currently a student but will be graduating in June this year. I intend to work for an English school here in Ukraine after I graduate.
I have decided to go back to my country after graduation to apply for a work visa. What important documents do I need to get from the English school. (its a private entity).
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# Lawyer Igor Balaban 16.04.2018 12:43
The English school must obtain a work permit. To obtain a work visa (visa D), you must submit a copy of your work permit. If you need help in obtaining a work permit - please contact
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# Sma 28.12.2017 01:33
Hello, what would be the price of full LLC registration and obtaining work permit with your firm?
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# Адвокат Ігор Балабан 28.12.2017 10:40
Hello, thank you for your question. The cost of our services will be 1200 UAH for the LLC registration and 2100 UAH for the work permit registration. Administrative fees that are paid to the government authorities depend on the duration of the work permit. You can find those fees on this page.
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# Thomas Havemann-Mart 13.12.2017 11:40
Dear Sirs,

I need to renew my work permit in Ukraine that expires in March.

Is this a service your company provides, at what cost?

Kind regards,
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# Адвокат Ігор Балабан 13.12.2017 11:47
Yes, we do that. It cost - 1600 UAH
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# Steve Adams 16.09.2017 18:32
I am interested in creating an LLC to start a business and then become a director to establish residency. I want to move to Kiev and live on my retirement income plus work in a business that I would start. But I'm not sure what business I can start as yet. Can you help me?
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# адвокат Ігор Балабан 18.09.2017 18:58
Yes we can help you: set up LLC, get work permit, get residence permit
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