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Business immigration to Ukraine

Starting up an Ukrainian company + Work permit+ Visa D +RESIDENCE PERMIT

TOTAL cost

1 year – 1200 USD

2 years – 1600 USD


Step 1

• Sign a power of attorney on the staff of the legal company YURINKOM (you can DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE >>>>) .
• make a notarized copy of your passport
• The power of attorney must be signed by the future founder of the Ukrainian company. The signature must be certified by a notary.
• The attorney needs to put an apostille.
• To make notarized copy of your passport then this copy should be put stamp Apostille.
• Any notary or lawyer in your country knows how to do it.
• To post power of attorney to our address.


Step 2

• Assignment of the Ukrainian identification number ( ID Tax number) for the future company founder.
• The price for 1 person includes:
- translation of the passport;
- obtaining an identification number (Tax number)
- translation of power of attorney
• Term-5-7 working days

Step 3.

• Registration of a company founder, that is a foreign citizen:
• The price includes:
- company registration
- stamp
- nominal director
- legal address ( for a year) + postal service.

Step 4.

• Obtaining a work permit for 1 person includes:
- obtaining a work permit
- paying for the state fee (the amount depends on the term of the permit):
- the bank fee for the transfer of the state tax
- translation of the passport

A period of 7-9 working days

Step 5.

• Issuing of long term employment visa (Type D)
Visa D must be obtained at the Consulate of Ukraine abroad. (citizens of CIS countries and Georgia do not need a visa "D")
To obtain Visa D you need to contact the Embassy of Ukraine in your country.

Step 6.

Entry to Ukraine

Step 8.

Obtaining a residence permit for 1 person
Services include:
- legal services
- translation of the passport notarization
- obtaining a health insurance policy
- official payments and fees.

A period of 15 working days


# Gerrit Zeitler 19.01.2022 10:24
Good day,

I already have a temporary resident card until August bc I was married. But she found another men and we will be divorced soon. Question is if there is a easier and cheaper way to get a new resident card. I can stay until August.

Thanks for your help
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# Адвокат Игорь Балабан 21.01.2022 11:27
You can use this way
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# Адвокат Игорь Балабан 12.08.2021 11:37
for 1 year full price - 1000 USD
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# Andrew 12.08.2021 08:13
Good morning,

You state a business visa can be $420 but which of the other additional charges are absolutely necessary? So I can get to the actual cost. Am I to believe I have to leave the Ukraine?

I am thinking I only need a temporay1 year visa for my needs - what is the cost of this?

Thank you

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# Tahir Khan 26.06.2020 15:50
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am looking for open a company, migrating and getting a citizenship. How can you help me?

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# адвокат Ігор Балабан 30.06.2020 15:58
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# Peter 03.02.2020 09:17
Please confirm is that 420 dollars the full total for steps 1 to 5 ?
Or is the nominee director extra .
Thaks Peter
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# Mustanzir 30.11.2019 09:37
I am interested to take the residence of Ukraine. How much do i have to 00000000 in business? I am Pakistan national
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# Адвокат Ігор Балабан 06.12.2019 09:49
If you want to apply for a permanent residence permit, you must 00000000 100,000 USD. If for a temporary residence permit, 100 USD will be enough
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