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Legal employment of foreigners in Ukraine


Legal employment of FOREIGNERS in Ukraine by means of Outstaffing

Outstaffing for foreigners in Ukraine is a service at which the foreigner is accepted into the staff of the outstaffing company and he receives the official salary. If necessary, the foreigner/expat can legally work in any company on the territory of Ukraine after the conclusion of the contract with us for the provision of rental services.

A job at an outstaffing company may be the basis for obtaining:
• work permit for  foreigners in Ukraine Details>>>>>>
• Temporary residence permit for foreigners in Ukraine for the period from 6 months up to 2 years Details >>>>>>>>>

The service is available to citizens of the European Union, Switzerland, USA, Japan, Canada, Australia or other countries with a residence permit in Ukraine based on marriage or study.

For Expats foreign employees:
• Reduction of costs for obtaining a work permit for foreigners (the permit is obtained once and during its validity there is no need to change it when moving to another company or position, changing the employer's name or reorganizing it);
• Reducing the cost of obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine (residence permit can be obtained up to 2 years, there is no need to cancel the residence permit upon dismissal, and receive a new residence permit when moving to another job);
• Minimizing the cost of reissuing a work permit when a profession changes;
• there is no need to obtain a new work permit if you move to another city or change your employer.

For Ukranian company employers:
• No need to obtain a work permit for Expats foreigners (outstaffing company receives it);
• No need to provide guarantees and expenses for the stay, residence and possible deportation of an Expat from Ukraine.

 The cost of this service for 1 Expat:

(a) One-time payment. It is paid once upon registration in an outstaffing company.
1100 EURO - employment in an outstaffing company up to 1 year;
1600 EURO - employment in an outstaffing company up to 2 years.

(b) Monthly expenditures in 2022 (adjustments are possible due to increases in the minimum wage 6700 UAH)*:
3 months FREE OF CHARGE from the moment you get a work permit, when no salary is paid out and taxes are not withheld.
After 3 months, salary and service costs will be from:
4281 UAH/month, consisting of:
1500 UAH /month - for accounting and personnel services for 1 employee;
2781 UAH/month - all kinds of taxes.

* Attention, the cost of this service is calculated on the basis of payment of minimum wage in the amount of 6000  UAH. In case of payment of the wage in a larger amount, the costs will change according to the need to pay taxes and fees.

There may be additional costs for notarial services from 400 to 1000 UAH.

Procedure of legal employment in Ukraine (step by step)

Stage 1
Opening the case for further employment of the Expat / foreigner in our outstaffing company,
Term 1 day
Necessary documents :
Passport Copy

Step 2
Obtaining a work permit for a Expat / foreigner.
State fees & passport translation included.
Necessary documents:
Passport Copy.
Photo (white background, minimum resolution 600x600 DPI, JPEG format)

Step 3
Courier delivery of work permits.
The cost:
0 UAH - in Ukraine
300 UAH - Outside Ukraine + through DHL, UPS, American Exspress

Step 4
The Expat / foreigner receives a D visa at the Ukrainian consulate abroad (citizens of the following countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Belarus, do not need a D visa / This stage is skipped).
Term: from 1 day (depends on the workload of the consulate, citizenship of the applicant, the possibility of issuing the visa in the accelerated mode)
The necessary documents can be found on the website of the consulate where the documents are submitted.

Stage 5
Entry into Ukraine.

Stage 6
Getting an ID code
Necessary documents - passport copy with visa and stamp on crossing the border of Ukraine.
The term is 5-7 working days.

Stage 7.
The formal conclusion of an employment contract.
Term - 1 day.
Attention! Before concluding an employment contract, a foreigner (real employer) must deposit a monthly minimum cost (3740 UAH/month) for three months in advance.

Stage 8.
Submission of a copy of the employment contract to the Employment Center.
Term 2-3 days.

Stage 9.
A residence permit.
our services
Passport translation + notary certification
Registration of health insurance policy
Official fees and charges
Term of 10-15 working days

STEP 10.
Monthly maintenance of foreign employee's case.
Minimum Monthly Expenditures 2022 (assuming that minimum salary is 6700 UAH)
The monthly minimum wage and service costs will be:
4281 UAH/month, consisting of:
1500 UAH /month - accounting and personnel servicing of 1 employee;
2781 UAH /month - all kinds of taxes.

Frequently asked questions:
1. Question?
Can I, as a foreigner, register (SPD FOP) entrepreneur, conduct business in Ukraine and get a residence permit on this basis.
No, unfortunately you won't. Registration of a private entrepreneur (SPD FOP) does not give you the right to obtain a work permit for yourself, and therefore the right to a residence permit. Many of our clients, especially IT specialists, register a work permit and residence permit with our help, and then open ФОП СПД working on a single tax provide services in the IT sphere.


# ARUN BABU 03.09.2020 10:24
I'm a Indian citizen studying medicine in kharkiv.
Is it legal for me to work part time in Ukraine?
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# Attorney Igor Balaban 05.09.2020 18:08
Yes you can
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